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Montgomeryshire Moth Group Annual Reviews

2015 ~ 15 new micros, 5 new macro species

2014 ~ 45 new micros, 2 new macro species

2013 ~ 39 new micros, 5 new macro species

~ 37 new micros, 6 new macro species and a lot of rain!

2011 ~ 31 new micros, 6 new macro species and 1 new Gazebo!

2010 ~ 24 new micros, 7 new macro species and more moth recorders than ever before!

2009 ~ 21 new micros, 4 new macro species and lots of technical development - Peter reviews an exciting year!

Separating Confusing Species

A compilation of PDF's from around the web that compare difficult to identify species

Miscellaneous Articles/Reports
  • Autumn Sallows  ~ Peter Williams enjoys the delights of Sallow moths.
  • Photographing Moths ~ We're not photographic experts but we have taken quite a few moth photos (there are 1000+ on this website!). Here are some of our tips on how to get a moth to pose perfectly.
  • Rearing Caterpillars ~ Peter Williams records best practice guidelines for rearing caterpillars at home.

Montgomeryshire Butterflies

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