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The county lists show all moth species recorded in Montgomeryshire (VC47) during the past 100 years.
The table columns are  :
  • ABH - Species number from "A checklist of the Lepidoptera of the British Isles" by Agassiz, D.J.L., Beavan, S.D. & Heckford R.J. 2013.
  • BF - The species number from the "old" checklist by J.D. Bradley & D.S.Fletcher in 1979 (updated in 2000 by J.D. Bradley).
  • Common name - Linked to species information pages (Distribution maps were generated with DMAP software supplied by Dr Alan Morton).
  • Taxon - Latin (scientific name) of each species (updated to reflect the ABH 2013 checklist).
  • VC47 - Indicates the frequency status of each species in Montgomeryshire -
Some species will be more common/widespread than we're aware of because Montgomeryshire is generally under-recorded.

Based on existing data (c.300,000 records), status codes have been created to show relative frequency. To be accepted, new records of scarcer species require verification (checking by the County Recorder) -

Status Definition Does record need verifying? Photo/specimen required?
A Commonly found throughout the county. Only when you're unsure of identification.  
B Found relatively frequently during the last decade. Only when you're unsure of identification.  
C Rarely recorded or restricted to local habitat in Montgomeryshire within the past decade. See note (2) below. Yes unless note (2) conditions met.
D Recorded more than 10 years ago and less than 30 years ago but not observed since. Everytime. Yes
E Recorded more than 30 years ago but not since. Everytime. Yes
None Not previously recorded in the county. Everytime. Yes

Notes on submitting records

  1. All species with a county status of 'C' or below need verifying by the County Recorder.
  2. If the County Recorder is happy that the finder is familiar with a 'C' status species then no further verification will be required for this species.   
  3. Where a species has been verified, please include the verifiers initials in a spreadsheet column (BMR users should make a note in the 'life stage data' on the 'half year sheet'). 
  4. Species that can't be separated without genitalia determination should be aggregated (agg.) E.g. Dark Dagger and Grey Dagger will be Dark/Grey Dagger Agg. If gen.det has been undertaken, then this should be noted with the initials of the determiner in a spreadsheet column (BMR users should make a note in the 'life stage data' on the 'half year sheet').
  5. Any species with 'C' status or below that does not meet the requirements above will not be accepted as a record.
  • Flight Dates - Earliest/Latest columns show the earliest/latest dates that an ADULT of the species has been recorded in Montgomeryshire.
  • Records - Total number of Montgomeryshire sightings for the species held on our database at the time the table was created.
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