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62.015 ~ 1462 ~ Delplanqueia dilutella
UK Status

Resident. A fairly common and widespread mainly coastal species, found around the coasts of British Isles.

Montgomeryshire Status

First recorded in 2013 at Commins Coch in the west of the county.

Wingspan :   M & F 19-22mm.

Confusion species

Pempeliella ornatella.
Flight time & Voltinity (Univoltine)


Coastal and calcareous soils.


Wild Thyme.

Lifestage data

Spinning. Eggs laid on a foodplant. Larva feed in a silken web which extends up the plant. Pupates in s cocoon, either within the feeding site or in the soil.
Montgomeryshire photos

Photo by PRW, 17th July 2013, Commins Coch

Photo by DB, 18th July 2013, Middletown