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49.031 ~ 0989 ~ Aphelia paleana ~ Timothy Tortrix
UK Status

Resident. Widespread and fairly common throughout England and Wales, more scarce in Scotland.

Montgomeryshire Status

Fairly common throughout the county. Can be present in huge numbers e.g. 1000's in one moth trap - see pic below!

Wingspan :   M & F, 13-16mm.

Confusion species

A. unitana and A. viburnana.
Flight time & Voltinity (Univoltine)


Generally damp or wet places.


Many herbaceous plants.

Lifestage data

Spinning. Eggs laid on foodplant. Larva feeds in rolled or spun leaves. Pupates in a white silken cocoon in a spun shoot.
Montgomeryshire photos

Photo by MDH, 12th July 2009, Llanfyllin

Photo by RB, 31st July 2011, Llanidloes.
Pic shows plague-like quantities in moth trap!