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37.006 ~ 0491 ~ Coleophora gryphipennella
UK Status

Resident. Widespread and common throughout the British Isles, except the very north of Scotland.

Montgomeryshire Status

Found at a few sites in the east of the county.

Wingspan :   M & F, 10.5-13mm.

Confusion species

It is often impossible to separate the adults of some species. In some cases differences can be seen in various life stages.
Flight time & Voltinity (Univoltine)


Open woodland, scrubland & downland.


Rose species.

Lifestage data

Case-bearing/leaf miner. Eggs laid on leaf. Larva first makes short mine ending in blotch, this is excised to construct case, blotch mines are formed after this. Pupates within case, attached to stem or leaf.
Montgomeryshire photos

Image © I F Smith, May 2005, Asterly Rocks.
Illustrates diagnostic features.

Image © I F Smith, May 2005, Asterly Rocks.
Illustrates larval case.