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15.05 ~ 0330 ~ Phyllonorycter cerasicolella
UK Status

Resident. Widespread and locally common in southern England and Wales.

Montgomeryshire Status

This very local species was first recorded in 2013 at Middletown in the east of the county.

Wingspan :   M & F 7-8mm.

Confusion species

Many species of Phyllonorycter are extremely similar, great care should be given when separating these species.
Flight time & Voltinity (Bivoltine)


Wherever the foodplant is found.


Cherry or plum.

Lifestage data

Leaf miner. Eggs laid on underside of leaf. Larva mine underside of leaf between 2 veins. Pupates in mine in cocoon formed from sides of mine. Cocoon is manoeuvred through mine wall before moth emerges.
Montgomeryshire photos

Photo by DB, 8th Oct 2013, Middletown
Leaf mine on wild cherry