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15.032 ~ 0308 ~ Parornix finitimella
UK Status

Resident. Widespread and common in southern Britain as far north as Yorkshire.

Montgomeryshire Status

This species was first recorded in 1990 at Llanidloes in the south of the county and it wasn't seen for another 22 years when it was found at Middletown in 2012. Since then it has been recorded sparsely in the east of the county.

Wingspan :   M & F, 9-10mm.

Confusion species

Many species of Parornix are very similar, care should be taken with identification.
Flight time & Voltinity (Bivoltine)


Woodland, scrub and hedgerows.


Blackthorn and wild plum.

Lifestage data

Leaf miner. Eggs laid on underside of leaf. Larva forms a gallery which develops into a blotch, then folds the leaf tip or edge and feeds within. Pupates in a yellow cocoon in a folded edge of a leaf or detritus.
Montgomeryshire photos

Photo by DB, 28th May 2012, Middletown
Confrmed by gen det (ANG)

Photo by DB, 15th Oct 2013, Middletown
Mine on blackthorn

Photo by DB, 15th Oct 2013, Middletown
Larva on blackthorn