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15.028 ~ 0303 ~ Parornix anglicella
UK Status

Resident. Abundant throughout the British Isles as far north as Perthshire.

Montgomeryshire Status

Recorded from scattered sites across the county.

Wingspan :   M & F, 9-11mm.

Confusion species

Many species of Parornix are very similar, care should be taken with identification.
Flight time & Voltinity (Bivoltine)


Gardens, hedgerows and woodland.


Hawthorn and wild service-tree.

Lifestage data

Leaf miner. Eggs laid on leaf underside. Larva forms a gallery into a blotch, then constructs a cone, feeding within. Pupates in white cocoon under turned down leaf edge, leaf litter or an old bird nest.
Montgomeryshire photos

Photo by MDH, 17th Apr 2011, Llanfyllin.
Male, confrmed by gen det.

Photo by MDH, 13th Aug 2011, Gregynog Park.
Female, confrmed by gen det.

Photo by DB, 14th Sept 2011, Middletown
Leaf mine on hawthorn.