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73.222 ~ 2314 ~ Dingy Shears ~ Amphipyra ypsillon
UK Status

Resident. Local S,C,(N).

Montgomeryshire Status

An uncommon species recorded from scattered sites from across the county.

Wingspan :  M & F, 32-42mm.

Confusion species

Dog's Tooth.
Flight time (Montgomeryshire)


Damp woodland & other wet places.


The leaves and catkins of poplars, sallow and willows.

Lifestage data

Overwinters as an egg. Larva April-early June, feeding firstly on catkins and later on the leaves. Pupates in a cocoon just below the soil or beneath the bark.
Montgomeryshire photos

Photo by PRW, 12th July 2009, Commins Coch

Photo by SOS, 10th July 2016, Guilsfield