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73.355 ~ 2132 ~ Neglected Rustic ~ Xestia castanea
UK Status

Resident. Local

Montgomeryshire Status

A very local species, but it can occasionally be found in quite good numbers.

Wingspan :  M & F, 36-42mm.

Confusion species

Square-spot Rustic, Dotted Clay and Cousin German.
Flight time (Montgomeryshire)


Moorland, wooded heathland and raised bogs.


Heather, bell heather and cross-leaved heath.

Lifestage data

Overwinters as a larva. Larva Oct-May, feed mainly at night. Forms a cocoon in the soil but does not change into a pupa for c.6 weeks.
Montgomeryshire photos

Photo by DB, 8th Aug 2014, Lake Glaslyn

Photo by DB, 5th Sept 2014, Lake Vyrnwy
Pic shows a male