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69.015 ~ 1990 ~ Striped Hawk-moth ~ Hyles livornica
UK Status

Migrant. Scattered records

Montgomeryshire Status

A rare visitor. Just three records exist for the county, the last one being taken in Welshpool in 2006.

Wingspan :  M & F, 78-90mm.

Confusion species

Bedstraw Hawk-moth, Spurge Hawk-moth and Silver-striped Hawk-moth.
Flight time (Montgomeryshire)


Open warm sites, especially on the coast and in gardens.


Willowherbs, hedge bedstraw, snapdragon, fuchsia, sorrels and docks.

Lifestage data

Unable to overwinter in this country. Larva June-July and September-October.
Montgomeryshire photos

Photo by JBK, 23rd Sept 2006, Welshpool