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69.008 ~ 1982 ~ Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk-moth ~ Hemaris tityus
UK Status

Resident. Nat. Scarce B SW,WC,NW,(E)

Montgomeryshire Status

A 'Nationally Scarce B' species. A rare and very local species, last recorded in 1949 at Aberhafesp. Probably extinct.

Wingspan :  M & F, 41-46mm.

Confusion species

Broad-bordered Bee Hawk-moth and Humming-bird Hawk-moth.
Flight time (Montgomeryshire)


Unimproved grassland, acid bogs and drier heathland.


Mostly devil's-bit scabious also small scabious and field scabious.

Lifestage data

Overwinters as a pupa in a slight cocoon amongst the plant debris. Larva mid June-mid August.
Montgomeryshire photos