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70.252 ~ 1931 ~ Peppered Moth ~ Biston betularia
UK Status

Resident. Common

Montgomeryshire Status

A common species, found throughout the county.

Forms f. carbonaria and f.insularia are rarely recorded in Montgomeryshire.

Wingspan :  M & F, 45-62mm.

Confusion species

Flight time (Montgomeryshire)


Woodland, scrub, parkland, gardens and urban areas.


A wide range of woody plants.

Lifestage data

Overwinters as a pupa underground. Larva early July-late September.
Montgomeryshire photos

Photo by MDH, 15th May 2010, Llanfyllin

Photo by PRW, 5th June 2010, Commins Coch
f. carbonaria
Photo by PRW, 18th Sept 2006, Commins Coch

Photo by DB, 2nd July 2013, Middletown
f. insularia