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70.106 ~ 1799 ~ Winter Moth ~ Operophtera brumata
UK Status

Resident. Common

Montgomeryshire Status

A common species throughout the county, but very under-recorded due to its winter flight time.

Wingspan :  M & F, 28-33mm.

Confusion species

Northern Winter Moth.
Flight time (Montgomeryshire)


All areas where trees and scrub are found.


Most broadleaf trees.

Lifestage data

Overwinters as an egg on the bark or a twig of the foodplant. Larva April-early June. Pupates in a tough cocoon on or in the soi
Montgomeryshire photos

Photo by MDH, 30th Oct 2009, Llanfyllin

Photo by DB, 7th June 2013, Middletown

Photo by DB, 7th June 2013, Middletown